Baby Registry for Tori and Caleb Hogg

Baby Shower Date: Saturday, May 4th 

It is always such an honor when you guys choose to register with us. We want to thank Tori and Caleb for letting no small miracle be a small part of this next chapter of their lives. 

Let's help them shower and welcome baby Ellis!

Below you will find their wishlist. Once you purchase an item from their list, please email us at and let us know that the items purchased are for baby Ellis. We will then manually mark the items as "purchased" to avoid any duplicate gifts. 

We are happy to include complimentary gift wrapping for each gift purchased with us. Choose local pickup at checkout to avoid shipping fees. If you would like your gift shipped, we can also do that! However, I personally plan to attend this shower and can hand deliver your gift if you aren't able to pick up in store or attend the shower yourself. 

Please note, Tori and Caleb have registered for clothing items in a variety of sizes. Babies grow so quickly! They are hoping for a few things to grow into, as well as some things to wear when she first arrives. :) If a certain size that she's requesting sells out before you buy, she will be happy with the size up or size down. 

cuddle and kind Mia the dog $62.00

cuddle and kind Eloise the elephant $62.00

jellycat Elly Ballerina Book $15.00

mebie baby Dusty Rose Bamboo Stretch Swaddle $24.00

Mebie Baby Knot Gowns. $27.00

mebie baby Dusty Rose Organic Cotton Ribbed Knot Gown (Item purchased)

mebie baby Sage Organic Cotton Ribbed Knot Gown




requesting either size: 1M or 3M 





Requesting both colors: Ivory and Mushroom


Atelier Choux Paris Pink Carousel Organic Cotton Swaddle & Bib with Gift Box Set $100.00

Atelier Choux Paris Doll House Organic Cotton Swaddle & Bib with Gift Box Set $100.00

Atelier Choux Paris Bon Appetit Organic Cotton Swaddle & Bib with Gift Box Set $100.00

Jellycat Tilly Golden Retriever. $35.00

jellycat My Dad And Me Book $15.00

Jellycat Bashful Fudge Puppy Medium $28.00

jellycat Mummy Loves Me Soft Book $20.00

Bedtime Blessings Board Book $10.00

poppie toys:  Poppie Crib $105.00

Pink Chicken Baby Brooke Dress Set Birthday Garland. 12/18M $88.00

Item purchased

Item purchased

noralee eva romper || garden. requesting any size. $62.00

noralee sailor bow || tulips. $12.00

noralee alice romper || tulips. requesting any size. $58.00

jellycat The Koala Who Couldn't Sleep Book $15.00 (Item purchased)

 jellycat Benji Koala $28.00

  Pink Chicken Liv Suit Pink Dogs. 2Y. $66.0

 Pink Chicken Katniss Suit- Watercolor Bows. 18-24m. $62.00

konges slojd MANUCA FRILL BIKINI. 12M. $75.00

konges slojd NEOPRENE FLOAT FRILL VEST $80.00


Wild Wawa Sea Glass Smock Dress. 12/18M. $68.00

Wild Wawa Rose Bouquet Patchwork Sweater. 6/12M. $88.00

Wild Wawa Clips. $24.00 

requesting all: rainbow, blue butterfly, pink butterfly, pink bunny, cotton bunny, carrot.


Rylee + Cru Crochet Romper || Floral. requesting any size. $88.00


Rylee + Cru Crochet Romper || Daisy. requesting any size. $88.00




Rylee + Cru knit baby romper || sand stripe. 18-24M. $55.00

Rylee + Cru shoulder tie bubble || aster. 6-12M. $44.00

Meri Meri Floral Bow Hair Clips (x 4) $16.00

 Josie Joan's Riley petite Bow Clip $9.00

Josie Joan's Pixie petite Bow Clip $9.00

Josie Joan's Rachel Hair Clips $9.00

konges slojd VIDA ROMPER. 9M. $75.00

konges slojd VIDA DRESS. 12M. $90.00

Wild Wawa Gigi Dress Early Blooms. 18-24M. $76.00


Rylee + Cru nala romper || abstract. 3-6M. $44.00

Wild Wawa Crochet Bubble Pink Tulip. 3-6M. $72.00

Wild Wawa Crochet Dress Pink Tulips. 18-24M. $78.00

Here I am linking the entire Quincy Mae section of our website. Tori loves this collection and would appreciate any of it in various sizes. Everything in this section is 40% off on sale. We do not have duplicate sizes in anything available, so no need to worry about duplicate gifting here. Shop Quincy Mae.

maileg my first bunny $28.00

little unicorn 5 x 5 Outdoor Blanket - Sun Baked $45.00


konges slojd 2 pack jacquard flower socks. requesting any of the baby sizes up to 2Y. $15.95

konges slojd 2 pack swan socks (requesting any of the baby sizes up to 2Y. $15.95)

konges slojd 2 pack lapis socks - cat/flower (requesting any of the baby sizes up to 2Y. $15.95)

konges slojd 2 pack jacquard swan socks - navy/off white (requesting any of the baby sizes up to 2Y. $15.95)

konges slojd 4 pack tulle bow hair clips - etoile multi brazilian sand. $22.00

konges slojd doll pram - mizumi $236.45


konges slojd doll pram - marguerit berry $236.45

jellycat Otto The Loyal Long Dog Book $15.00

jellycat Otto Sausage Dog (requesting either size) 


jellycat Beatnik Buddy Poodle $25.00

jellycat The Very Brave Lion Book $15.00

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion $30.00

jellycat If I Were A Seahorse Book $14.00

Jellycat Sienna Seahorse $20.00


jellycat If I Were A Pony Book $14.00

Jellycat Bashful Pony $17.00

jellycat If I Were You And You Were Me Book $15.00

Jellycat Smudge Bear $35.00

Item purchased

Requesting either size

jellycat Blossom Cherry Bunny Small $18.00

jellycat Blossom Cherry Bunny Medium $28.00

Jellycat Etoile Mouse $17.00

jellycat Flo Malfingo How Pink Can She Go Book $16.00

Ella Bella Ballerina and the Magic Toyshop $19.00

Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella $19.00

Item purchased


jellycat Smudge Elephant $35.00


jellycat Smudge The Littlest Elephant Book $15.00

jellycat Who Can I Find Book $15.00

jellycat Little Me Book $15.00

Mushie Dinnerware Ivory 

Mushie Dinnerware Blush

mushie Silicone Baby Bib (Cherries) $13.00

Item purchased

mushie Silicone Baby Bib (Rainbows) $13.00

three hearts Petite Mason Clip $17.50

Requesting any of the pink or neutral colors. 

Quincy Mae jersey sleeping bag | stars and ditsy bloom Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

Angel Dear Smocked Sunsuit -Sunshines/Blue Sale price $17.50 Regular price $35.00

Rylee + Cru modal footie || holly berry Sale price $28.80 Regular price $48.00 

requesting size 6/12m


Rylee + Cru lace trim socks || spice / natural / dusty blue Sale price $21.00 Regular price $35.00

requesting size 0/6m

Rylee + Cru ribbed socks || cedar / ivory / black Sale price $21.00 Regular price $35.00

requesting size 12/24m

Rylee + Cru winnie romper || brown gingham Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

requesting size 0-3m 

Rylee + Cru quincy blouse set || autumn bloom Sale price $37.20 Regular price $62.00

requesting size 3/6m

Rylee + Cru bonnie romper || harvest Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

requesting size 3/6m

Rylee + Cru finn dress || harvest floral Sale price $31.20 Regular price $52.00

requesting size 18/24m

Rylee + Cru track set || melon Sale price $39.60 Regular price $66.00

requesting size 12/18m

Rylee + Cru nellie set || plum floral Sale price $37.20 Regular price $62.00

requesting size 12/18m

Rylee + Cru long sleeve bubble romper || gold gardens Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

requesting size 0-3m 

Rylee + Cru basic tee || keep growing Sale price $21.00 Regular price $35.00

requesting size 3/6m

Rylee + Cru gwen romper || retro waves Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

requesting size 6/12m 

Rylee + Cru henley bubble jumpsuit || wavy Sale price $28.80 Regular price $48.00

requesting size 6/12m 

Rylee + Cru button jumpsuit || cool cat Sale price $34.80 Regular price $58.00

requesting size 6/12m 

Rylee + Cru skirted one-piece || leopard Sale price $31.20 Regular price $52.00

requesting size 0-3m


Rylee + Cru skirted one-piece || safari floral Sale price $31.20 Regular price $52.00

requesting any size. Either new baby 0-3m or 3-6m or 12-18m 

matching Rylee + Cru floppy swim hat Sale price $19.20 Regular price $32.00

Rylee + Cru rashguard girls set || retro floral size 0-3m Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

Rylee + Cru long sleeve bubble romper || holiday bloom Sale price $33.00 Regular price $55.00

requesting size 3/6m


Rylee + Cru gable pant || rust size 18-24m Sale price $26.40 Regular price $44.00


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